Here is slowly expanding selection of email exchanges between myself, other fellow scambaiters and the bad guys A.K.A. the scammers!

All scammers text is printed in Italics, and my comments are printed in bold and sometimes in square brackets [like this]. Note that for the sake of clarity I have tried to clean up the formatting of the scammer's text. However, all spelling and other errors have been left intact, mine included!


419 scammers are not nice people, they are thieves, liars, and generally very nasty, therefore you can expect some small use of adult language and themes when dealing with them here. That is not to say there are any explicit pictures here - there isn't, but if you are very easily offended then please go HERE

Scambaiting is not a racist activity. Anyone with racist views is most definitely NOT welcome on this site. 419eater maintains a ZERO TOLERANCE policy towards racism throughout the site and forums.

It is important to understand that scambaiters only respond to scam emails we receive. Unfortunately is is a sad fact of life that the majority of "419" scams do in fact originate from Western and Southern Africa - we estimate 50% - 55% of "419" scam attempts are sent from Western & Southern Africa - but these scams also come from places such as England, Spain, Ireland, USA, Canada, The Netherlands, Australia and many more.

For the most part these criminals are not, "poor people trying to scratch a living", but are very prosperous compared to their law-abiding countrymen, and many operate in highly organised, and highly successful criminal gangs. Millions of dollars are stolen on a DAILY basis, with absolutely no thought given to victims, who are losing vast amounts of money, homes, relatives, jobs and worse. Contrary to popular belief, it is not just "greedy & stupid people" that fall for these scams.







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Bonnie Scotland! Metimbers/Skinner
Tragedy strikes at Western Union Shiver Metimbers
The mark of a moron Shiver Metimbers
Comic Creations Metimbers/Skinner
I don't know about art but I know what I like Shiver Metimbers
I don't know about art but I know what I like: The sequel Shiver Metimbers
The hitchhikers guide to handwriting Shiver Metimbers
Scamming on the telephone Shiver Metimbers
Is that Ibru on the line? Shiver Metimbers
If I had a photograph of you... Shiver Metimbers
Fifty bucks to trust you! Shiver Metimbers
Sweet baby Jesus & the orphans Shiver Metimbers
Cook with the crook! Shiver Metimbers
Own goal! Shiver Metimbers
The fish is amiss Shiver Metimbers
Do you smell fish Shiver Metimbers
Edith has a fetish Shiver Metimbers
Just get on with it! Shiver Metimbers
Widows in Nigeria Shiver Metimbers
The tale of the Holy Cow Shiver Metimbers

Double take

Shiver Metimbers

I like to worry sheep

Shiver Metimbers
The church of Bread and Wine Shiver Metimbers
The sign. The wine. The bread. Shiver Metimbers
More tales of the Holy Cow Shiver Metimbers
Give me my receipt! Shiver Metimbers
Return to the Night of The Iguanas Shiver Metimbers
Nkomo shows no shame Shiver Metimbers
A stunt too far Shiver Metimbers
Fredrick's Waterloo Shiver Metimbers
Live long and prosper Otumba Shiver Metimbers
Booked it. Packed it. F**ked off! Shiver Metimbers
Fred rides the captain's ship Shiver Metimbers
Tales from the clenched butt Shiver Metimbers
Akeem will advertise your site Shiver Metimbers
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